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CLA-VAL  Automatic Control Valves




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Click here for data sheetPressure Reducing Valve

Holds downstream pressure to a pre-determined limit
• Optional check feature
• Fully supported frictionless diaphragm

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    Pressure Reducing / Pressure Sustaining Control Valve

      • Maintains downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand and sustains upstream pressure
      • Optional check feature

click here for data sheetPressure Reducing & Solenoid
Shut-Off Valve

• Ideal for reducing high transmission line pressures to lower distribution system pressures
• Solenoid can be remotely activated

Click here for data sheetPressure Reducing & Surge
Control Valve

• Integral surge pilot opens to prevent rapid pressure increases
• Optional check feature


Click here for data sheetPressure Relief/Pressure
Sustaining Valve

• Completely automatic operation
• Accurate pressure control
• Fast opening maintains line pressure
• Slow closing prevents surges
• Optional check feature

Click here for data sheetSurge Anticipator Valve

• Protects pumping equipment and pipelines from damage caused by rapid flow velocity changes
• Opens on initial low pressure wave
• Closes slowly to prevent subsequent surges


Click here for data sheetFloat Valve

• Accurate and repeatable level control in tanks
to pre-set high and low points
• Reliable drip-tight shut-off
• On-Off non-modulating action
• Use Model 428-01 for modulating service

Click here for data sheetAltitude Control Valve

• Provides accurate and repeatable tank level control
• Optional check valve feature
• Delayed opening option available
• One-way and two-way flow pilot systems available


Click here for data sheetElectronic Control Valve

• Designed for applications where remote, electronic operation is required
• Ideal for SCADA systems
• Quality solenoid pilot controls
• Optional 131VC Electronic Controller and X117C Valve Position Transmitter

Click here for data sheetMetering Valve

• Measures and controls flow rate without separate metering device
• Built-in totalizer
• Retransmission capabilities
• Ideal for retrofitting existing valves


Click here for data sheetBooster Pump Control Valve

• Eliminates pipeline surges caused by pump starts and stops
• Solenoid control can be operated manually
• Built-in check valve
• Valve uses line pressure for operation

Click here for data sheetDeep Well Pump Control Valve

• Prevents surges in pipelines
• Solenoid control can also be operated manually
• Separate adjustable flow control valves regulate opening and closing rates


Click here for data sheetSolenoid Control Valve/ Flush Valve

• Fast acting solenoid control
• On-Off non-modulating action
• 136-AM is self-contained and battery powered
• 136-01 available with optional check feature

Click here for data sheetCheck Valve

• No slam operation
• Dual speed control
• Ideal for applications requiring positive, reliable drip-tight shut-off
• No packing glands or stuffing boxes


Click here for data sheetRate of Flow & Pressure Reducing Valve

• Reduces higher inlet pressure to steady lower downstream pressure
• Optional Check Feature
• Multi-functional capability 36 Series

Click here for data sheetAir Valves

• Protects pipelines from entrained air that collects
at high points in pipelines and during filling cycle
• Drip-tight at low pressures
• Standard stainless stee trim and floats
• Working pressures to 800 psi

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