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"From the ashes of strife and turmoil rises a force of supernatural power - a winged beast of time advanced.

Pure instinct alone hurls the splendid creature, as lightning, to the barrier separating it from that which it is borne. A singular massive and razorsharp claw slices through the arid still air to shred the seemingly impenetrable mass before it. And perhaps reveal a world unlike any ever penetrated before.

Enter a new age of devastation. Six pristine examples of hard core thunder from Heartfield. They're called Talon. And like the potent beast you followed here, they're built to rip the very heart of commonality from any who dares to strap one on. Come. Meet the challenge. Experience the world of Talon. But don't ever think you'll leave the same as you entered.

Only the heartiest can make it here. And Floyd Rose tremolos find their mark on Talons. For the dives they swoop, no prey is safe.

With two screaming DiMarzio Humbuckers flanking a single coil pickup, Talon soars to the raging clouds and beyond.

Specially-designed headstocks prolong sustain for seemingly endless forays into distortion. And in higher echelons of the order "Sabre tooth" inlays and reversed headstocks make flights of fancy a reality.

Even the way the neck nests firmly in the body projects unmitigated surges of power and control in the hands of nimble masters.

Razor-sharp contours flow with more purpose than beauty in the beast. Each line and silhouette coalesce. Creating an instrument of power. That a Talon is an asthetic masterpiece is but a secondary virtue.

Your journey is coming to fruition. Thrust yourself deep into the world of Talon. Choose your weapon. Seek your Heartfield proprietor. Experience Talon."

The preceeding was an excerpt from a 1991 FMIC publication.