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The Malaysian Singaporean Association of Houston (or MSAH for short) is a non-profit organization in the Greater Houston area. The majority of our members are from Malaysia and Singapore but we have members who hail from every corner of the world ! Membership is naturally open to all interested parties to share in the fun of getting to know each other!

MSAH plans and hosts events throughout the year to celebrate the homeland heritage and culture and to share this with our fellow members and community.

We strive to share news and events on the community to all members, friends and family via a quarterly newsletter. Our new web page is constantly being updated, and is in search of ideas on contents that will be interesting to all. To accomplish this, we would like to hear from everybody on any ideas ! If something doesn't seem right, hit "Refresh" !




 MSAH can be contacted at: PO Box 772358, Houston, TX 77215-2358 : We are a social non-profit association open to all interested parties. .